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Here is a collection of thoughts and musings, with no particular intention or purpose. There will be little regularity - things will be posted as they strike consciousness, but never for the sake of posting. Think of it as an incoherent notebook rather than a blog or worthy journal.

7 years ago...I Don't Like Hip Hop.

This morning Facebook reminded me that it was 7 years ago that we recorded our first single with The Ordinary Allstars, 'I Don't Like Hip Hop'. Those days seem as far away as they do close, and it's strange listening back to stuff from then - rewarding and occasionally difficult. I often forget we did this sort of lounge remix of the single (which I always really liked, and can't remember why we didn't put it on the CD), so you can listen to it or download it here if you'd like.

(And believe it or not, the Showtime EP is still available on iTunes...)

Hasta Inc.